The other day I bought some yogurt drink in Korean supermarket on Bloor Street. Unlike regular yogurt drink, it is very watery. It tastes sweet and sour and doesn’t have white color. It is so refreshing when just taking out of the fridge. Since I don’t understand any Korean ( all Korean letters printed on the bottle), I don’t know what the name of the yogurt. I am sure they have more than one kind in Korean. I have to go there to find out one day…

My Korean friend Soojin to give me more info: “They claim that they use special lactic bacterium for fermentation. I think that’s why it has different figure and texture.”

I read online somewhere, and it says:” …It’s Japanese actually, developed for ingesting friendly bacteria pleasantly.”

Now I don’t know who is the first one developed it now.

I really love that drink! I remember many years ago, some Korean restaurant used to give the drink at the end of meal as complementary. Somehow, they don’t do that anymore. L

But they are available and cheap to buy in Korean and Chinese supermarket in Toronto. They are also widely distributed all over the world. If I am not mistaken:

10 tiny bottles of yogurt drink are wrapped in plastic and sold as $2. The only thing is that they are only sold in tiny plastic bottles. I feel guilty of wasting plastics bottles, because I can drink all of them at once!

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  1. sanjay Says:

    Hey Tao, My grandmother in Tokyo has Yakult delivered free of charge. This is no ordinary yogurt drink company.

    “Since 1972, Yakult Ladies out on deliveries have been looking in on elderly citizens living alone to see how they are doing and chat with them.This activity got its start when a Yakult Lady in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, deeply saddened by the story of an elderly citizen who died alone with no one by his side, took it upon herself to deliver Yakult at her own expense to elderly citizens living alone in her delivery territory. The initiative of this single Yakult Lady resonated with a Yakult Marketing company, social workers and with the local government, as well, and eventually expanded to become a nationwide activity.”

  2. TAO Says:

    that is why they are packed in tiny packages!

    i heard in Taiwai someplace, they have that service too, i saw it in the movies and some naughty kids stole the drink while the old person is dying at home, but no one knows because they think the old person took the drink, which means he is ok.

    sad story …

    I do love the drink!!!

  3. Soojin Says:

    And I think now that’s Asian-wide activity!

    It is pretty much similar wih korean yakult except Japanese yakult is free. You will get to see Korean Yakult Ladies with yellow uniforms and hats on the streets. They carry their own carts filled with yakult products and sell them to people. I see a yakult lady everyday in front of my work building. She waits for her customers in early morning and people actually buy yakults from her every morning.

    But as you guess, it can sometimes become like Japanese activity coz yakult ladies usually stop at a certain places where senior citizens get together. The ladies sometimes give yakults to the enderly citizens for free.

    That’s the power of tiny packates!!

  4. TAO Says:

    i will make sure when i get old, i will move to Japan!

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